Shame on the Shame

I saw an article recently about “job shaming” and it made me think about what some of us with depression deal with on sometimes a regular basis.

The article talked about how some people are shamed by others, and feel perhaps the shame themselves, for having jobs that are considered “less-than” by society.

A similar thing seems to happen with depression. Other people can make us feel “less-than” for dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts. 

We can also do the same thing to ourselves – putting shame on us for having depression and sometimes struggling with everyday life because of it.

There’s one big problem with this: it doesn’t do us any good. When was the last time feeling self-shame because of your depression or suicidal thoughts did you any good?

Instead, I’m trying to teach my mind to accept the depression, deal with it and then work to move on.


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