Maybe my number one problem at work is numbers.

That’s not seriously my number one problem, but it made for a cute line. It also sometimes feels like a huge problem for me.

I’m not talking about doing advanced calculus or anything for work – after all, I am a writer and not an accountant. I’m referring to metrics upon which work is judged to be a success or failure.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really been in a position where we track numbers to gauge success of our team. Honestly, I didn’t really miss it.

When I worked in television news, we were judged by our ratings. Now that I’m working in a public relations and communications environment, we have monthly metrics to meet.

I’ve also made it harder for myself by assuming the leadership role for our social media efforts, which has me worried many times about our numbers and metrics.

I think the situation stems from my overall tendency to worry about things and the conclusion, rather than enjoying the journey.

I am trying a two-step approach: do my work and try to focus less on the numbers, and leave my work for the workday and try not to think about it after work or on days off.


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