Emergency Room Trip

Oh what a night.

A few nights ago I took myself to the hospital because I was having chest pains and some shortness of breath. As you might imagine, they tend to take those things seriously when you arrive.

Being an anxious person and a germaphobe, the trip was stressful. In fact, my blood pressure was extremely high.

For just about anyone who has ever experienced pain in the chest, it can be very difficult to determine if it’s a heart attack or something else entirely. In fact, the doctor and staff could not tell me what caused it, but provided me with a list of possible explanations not related to cardiac issues.

Even with all the chaotic moments, I was thankful when I left the emergency room early in the morning after a few hours there. I was thankful that it didn’t turn out to be more serious and that I was able to return home.

This was another example in my own life where having a grateful attitude and counting my blessings turned out to help lower my anxiety.


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