Fair Trade?

You do the best you can, and I’ll do the best I can. And we’ll call it even.

That was something a guest speaker said this weekend during a sermon. He was referencing how someone he knows describes what Jesus did on the cross.

In other words, you live the best life you can, Jesus died on the cross to save you.

Fair trade? It depends on your perspective I suppose, but I’d say probably not.

I think the “trade balance” in some of my other relationships may be off as well. Sometimes I feel like give way more to the relationship than the other person; sometimes I feel like I could never possibly give as much as they give to me.

Both of those situations make me uneasy – you could call it the unfair trade effect.

The answers to this unbalance seem obvious – try to do more for those who I feel give more than I do and talk to those who I feel aren’t giving equally to our relationship.

Like with so many things in life, easier said than done. But having felt the effects of unfair trade, it seems worth at least some effort.


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