What’s the Deal About the Dew?

“So that’s where your energy comes from?”

That was the response from someone in the building where I work as I entered in the morning, carrying my 24-pack of Mountain Dew. While I refer to it as my “happy juice,” I like to think my energy comes from within.

The comment did start me thinking about various sources of human energy. If I were a car, what would be the gasoline that fuels my drive?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling majorly depressed, I can’t seem to find an energy source at all. I’d rather just lay in bed or on the couch and chill out with TV.

When I’m not like that, I tend to find some energy from accomplishing tasks. It’s a nice feeling to complete something, even if it’s a small step like taking out the trash.

So while I will probably continue to do my Dew, I may try looking into other sources of energy.

What do you like to do to fuel your energy? Share it in the comments below.


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