Celebrate Yourself

I recently tried out a recovery program that brings together people facing whatever problems and issues to talk about them and lean on each other as a family.

One of the most interesting aspects of the night happened near the beginning of the session. The speaker looked out at us, and I think specifically at me since I was new, and said we had all made at least two big accomplishments to celebrate that evening.

His words perplexed me for just a second until he explained the two accomplishments:

  1. Admitting we were unable to completely help ourselves.
  2. Walking through the door.

The thoughts brought a smile to my face. Sometimes I forget the little things I accomplish as I am too focused on hitting the next goal or just getting through the day.

As I was in treatment for major depression, we had talked about something similar. Sometimes, getting out of bed in the morning is enough reason to celebrate.

So today, since I’m sitting at my computer fully dressed and having showered, I think there’s reason enough to throw a little party for myself.


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