Stinkin’ Thinkin’

You ever have that week (or many weeks) where you can’t wait until trash day because something in the waste baasket smells so awful? Yep, been there myself. I couldn’t wait to get rid of that trash that was just stinking of the place.

I think the same practice is necessary for our mental health as well. Times to take out the stinkin’ thinkin’ and replace those negative thoughts with much more positive ones.

I learned about the concept of stinkin’ thinkin’ from a therapist friend of mine. She uses the term quite a bit to encourage people to quit focusing on the negative – that’s stinkin’ thinkin’.

It can take many forms. For me, I tend to think about the worst outcome possible for many events or situations.

I also very often tell myself that I can’t do something or that I won’t be able to accomplish what I want. With some suicidal individuals, this kind of thinking can lead to the belief that life isn’t worth living anymore.

Maybe your stinkin’ thinkin’ isn’t quite as bad as mine. Even if it doesn’t “smell” as much as mine, perhaps it’s still trash day for all those bad thoughts.


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